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Body Kit | Business suit

Body Kit | Business suit

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O Creme para as Mãos is a cream made with butter (50%) and natural oils. Suitable for irritated, sore, dry and damaged skin.

Butter cream 50% - Argan oil 

Or Leite de Burra corporal creams It is a fluid body cream, with hydrating, nourishing and calming action. It is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin dry, smooth, toned and lightly scented. Also ideal as a sweetener for irritating sensations on the skin.

Butter cream 50%
Coconut oil
Amêndoa oil
Vitamin E

    Deodorizing with buttermilk, it protects and perfumes naturally shaped skin without attacking, with an effective and long-lasting refreshing and deodorizing action.

    Lysozyme de Leite de Burra and Alúmen de Rocha


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